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Dimax R8+ RFT

  • M+S, Performance, Run-Flat, Summer
  • Warranty: 56k Mile
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Radar Dimax R8+ RFT

The Dimax R8+ is the next generation Sport tire range in the Radar Tires Dimax family that has been engineered for ultra-high performance passenger cars and SUVs. This range features an all-new tread compound that provides exceptional wet grip. The Dimax R8+ has been specifically designed to give high performance on vehicles that demand the best tires and offers the ultimate blend of excellent wet and dry grip, precise handling and comfort. This range incorporates most of the run-flat sizes for vehicles in this segment.

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Numéro D'articleGrandeurStockPrix
DSC0466225/40R18 92Y (25.1")0
RASYCN0417255/30R19 91Y (25")0
RASYCN0768255/35R18 94Y (25")0
RASYCN0766255/35R19 96Y (26")0
RASYCN0377255/40R18 99Y (26")0
DSC0489255/40R19 100Y (27")0
DSC0174255/40R20 101Y (28")0
DSC0486255/45R18 103Y (27")0
DSC0461255/45R20 101W (29")0
RASYCN0457255/50R19 107W (29")0
DSC0191255/55R18 109V (29")0
RASYCN0002245/50R18 104Y (27.6")0
DSC0479255/55R19 111Y (30")0
RASYCN0134265/50R19 110W (29.4")0
DSC0150275/30R21 98Y (27.5")0
DSC0456275/35R18 95Y (25.6")0
RASYCN0781275/35R19 100Y (26.6")0
RASYCN0003275/40R18 103Y (26.7")0
DSC0463275/40R19 101Y (27.7")0
RASYCN0005275/40R20 106Y (28.7")0
RASYCN0133275/45R20 110Y (29.7")0
DSC0178285/30R20 99Y (26.7")0
DSC0043285/35R21 105Y (28.9")0
DSC0783265/45R20 104Y (29.4")0
DSC0492245/45R20 103Y (28.7")0
DSC0460245/45R19 102Y (27.7")0
RASYCN0840245/40R19 94Y (26.7")0
RASYCN0772225/40R19 93Y (26.1")0
DSC0459235/55R19 101W (29.2")0
DSC0573245/40R20 99Y (27.7")0
DSC0199255/35R19 100W (26")0
DSC0488255/35R19 96Y (26")0
DSC0483275/35R20 102W (27.6")0
DSC0035205/40R18 86Y (24.5")0
DSC0086215/40R18 85Y (24.8")0
DSC0476225/35R19 88Y (25.2")0
RASYCN0751225/40R18 92Y (25.1")0
DSC0742225/45R17 94Y (25")0
RASYCN0753225/45R18 95Y (26")0
DSC0458225/45R19 92W (27")0
DSC0744225/50R17 98Y (25.9")0
DSC0468225/50R18 99W (26.9")0
DSC0085225/55R17 97Y (26.7")0
RASYCN0775235/45R19 95V (27.3")0
DSC0572235/50R18 97V (27.3")0
RASYCN0004235/55R19 105Y (29.2")0
RASYCN0759245/35R18 92Y (24.8")0
DSC0224245/35R20 95Y (26.8")0
DSC0045245/35R21 96Y (27.8")0
RASYCN0761245/40R18 97Y (25.7")0
DSC0093285/45R19 111W (29.1")0
RASYCN0795315/35R20 110Y (28.7")0