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Renegade R/T

  • All Season, All Terrain, M+S, Traction
  • Warranty: 64k-72k Mile
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Radar Renegade R/T

The Renegade R/T is the all-new rugged terrain range that is designed to give exceptional off-road performance coupled with on-road comfort and sophistication. On-road, this tire gives drivers superior handling with a quiet and smooth ride, while off-road it has the capability to go anywhere that a pure M/T tire can. All sizes come with a Dual Sidewall design and gives drivers a choice of either the mud penetrating sidewall with dagger shaped lugs or the flaming demon design with wedge-shaped lugs. These lugs offer added traction and sidewall protection.



Part NumberSizeStockPrice
RASYTH0150285/45R22 114T (32.1")0
RASYTH010037x13.50R24LT 120Q (37")0
RASYTH0117LT265/50R20 121Q (30.4")0
RASYTH0155LT265/60R20 121Q (32.5")0
RASYRH0118LT275/55R20 120Q (31.9")0
RASYTH0119LT275/60R20 123Q (33")0
RASYTH0130LT275/65R18 123Q (32.1")0
RASYTH0120LT275/65R20 126Q (34.1")0
RASYTH0131LT275/70R18 125Q (33.2")0
RASYTH0121LT285/50R20 119Q (31.2")0
RASYTH0151LT285/50R22 121Q (33.2")0
RASYTH0122LT285/55R20 122Q (32.3")0
RASYTH0152LT285/55R22 124Q (34.3")0
RASYTH0125LT285/60R20 125Q (33.5")0
RASYTH0133LT285/65R18 125Q (32.6")0
RASYTH0135LT285/70R17 121Q (32.7")0
RASYTH0123LT295/55R20 123Q (32.8")0
RASYTH0124LT295/65R20 129Q (35.1")0
RASYTH0138LT295/70R17 121Q (33.3")0
RASYTH0127LT305/55R20 125Q (33.2")0
RASYTH027437x13.50R22LT 123Q (37")0
RASYTH010537x13.50R22LT 128Q (37")0
RASYTH027137x13.50R20LT 127Q (37")0
RASYTH011037x13.50R20LT 128Q (37")0
RASYTH011433x12.50R17LT 121Q (33")0
RASYTH026433x12.50R17LT 120Q (33")0
RASYTH011133x12.50R18LT 122Q (33")0
RASYTH026633x12.50R18LT 118Q (33")0
RASYTH026833x12.50R20LT 114Q (33")0
RASYTH010633x12.50R20LT 119Q (33")0
RASYTH010133x12.50R22LT 114Q (33")0
RASYTH027233x12.50R22LT 109Q (33")0
RASYTH026535x12.50R17LT 125Q (35")0
RASYTH0153P275/55R20 117T (31.9")0
RASYTH011535x12.50R17LT 121Q (35")0
RASYTH026735x12.50R18LT 123Q (35")0
RASYTH026335x12.50R20LT 121Q (35")0
RASYTH010735x12.50R20LT 125Q (35")0
RASYTH027335x12.50R22LT 117Q (35")0
RASYTH010235x12.50R22LT 121Q (35")0
RASYTH010937x12.50R20LT 126Q (37")0
RASYTH027037x12.50R20LT 126Q (37")0
RASYTH010437x12.50R22LT 127Q (37")0
RASYTH011337x13.50R18LT 128Q (37")0
RASYTH011235x12.50R18LT 128Q (35")0
RASYTH0154P285/50R20 116T (31.2")0