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Dimax R8 RFT

  • M+S, Performance, Run-Flat, Summer
  • Warranty: 56k Mile
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Radar Dimax R8 RFT

The Dimax R8 is a Sport tire range in the Radar Tires Dimax family. This range has been specifically designed for high-performance passenger cars and offers the ideal blend of excellent wet and dry grip, precise handling and comfort. This line is available in a wide variety of fitments including key run-flat sizes for vehicles in this segment.



Part NumberSizeStockPrice
DSC0081245/40R18 93Y (25.7")0
DSC0082245/45R18 96Y (26.7")0
DSC0076235/60R18 107W (29.1")0
DSC0077245/40R18 97W (25.7")0
DSC0078245/45R18 100W (26.7")0
DSC0079245/50R18 100W (27.6")0
DSC0485255/40R19 100W (27")0
DSC0039255/50R19 107W (29")0
DSC0080255/55R18 109V (29")0