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Dimax e Sport 1

  • M+S, Performance, Summer, Touring
  • Warranty: 64k Mile
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Radar Dimax e Sport 1

The Dimax e Sport 1 is the high-performance range within the Dimax e Collection from Radar Tires. This range offers a blend of high performance, increased safety and high mileage and is eco-friendly at the same time. The e Sport 1 is engineered using a special low rolling resistance compound and light weight construction that minimizes the energy lost from heat, improving the vehicle’s fuel efficiency and reducing the amount of CO2 emitted into the environment. It also features a silica-based tread compound that provides added safety through shorter braking distance.



Part NumberSizeStockPrice
RACEIN0010205/50R17 93W (25.1")0
RACEIN0004205/60R15 91V (24.7")0
RACEIN0011215/50R17 95W (25.5")0
RACEIN0012215/55R17 94W (26.3")0
RACEIN0025215/55R18 99V (27.3")0
RACEIN0008215/60R16 99V (26.2")0
RACEIN0015215/60R17 100V (27.2")0
RACEIN0009215/65R16 98V (27")0
RACEIN0013235/55R17 99V (27.2")0