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Dimax Classic

  • Summer, Touring
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Radar Dimax Classic

The Dimax Classic from Radar is one of two profiles for the classic or old-timer range and is available either as standard or white wall tyres. Both variants significantly enhance your classic car and contribute to the classic overall image of the vehicle.



Part NumberSizeStockPrice
RNC0087175/50R13 72V (19.9")0
RACHCN0018235/70R15 101V (28")0
RACHCN0017215/70R15 98W (26.9")0
RACHCN0016215/70R15 98W (26.9")0
RACHCN0007215/70R14 92W (25.9")0
RACHCN0008215/70R14 92V (25.9")0
RNC0081215/60R15 94W (25.2")0
RGC0313205/70R15 96V (26.3")0
RGC0184205/70R15 96W (26.3")0
RNC0059205/70R14 95W (25.3")0
RNC0073205/60R13 86V (22.7")0
RACHCN0019235/70R15 101V (28")0
RNC0069195/70R14 91V (24.7")0
RACHCN0006185R14 90H (25.9")0
RACHCN0015185/70R15 89V (25.2")0
RACHCN0014185/70R15 89W (25.2")0
RACHCN0013185/70R15 89V (25.2")0
RACHCN0004185/70R14 88V (24.2")0
RACHCN0003185/70R14 88V (24.2")0
RACHCN0001185/70R13 86V (23.2")0
RACHCN0002185/70R13 86V (23.2")0
RNC0067175R14 88H (25.3")0
RNC0063175/70R15 86H (24.6")0
RACHCN0005185R14 90H (25.9")0
RNC0084255/60R15 102W (27")0