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Dimax AS-9

  • All Season, M+S, Performance
  • Warranty: 80k-96k Mile
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Radar Dimax AS-9

The Dimax AS-9 is a premium all-season sport tire that has been designed to perform on the latest high-performance cars, CUVs and SUVs. This range provides a combination of exceptional durability and handling in wet and dry conditions making it the ideal choice for drivers looking for high performance in all seasons. It also utilizes a silica-based all-season compound that offers high durability and long tread life while maintaining an excellent grip.



Part NumberSizeStockPrice
RASYTH0366205/50R17 93W (25.1")0
RASYTH0363205/55R16 94V (24.9")0
RASYTH0364205/60R16 96V (25.7")0
RASYTH0367215/50R17 95W (25.5")0
RASYTH0365215/55R16 97V (25.3")0
RASYTH0368215/55R17 98W (26.3")0
RASYTH0369225/50R17 98W (25.9")0
RASYTH0372225/50R18 99W (26.9")0
RASYTH0370225/55R17 101V (26.7")0
RASYTH0374235/40R19 96W (26.4")0
RASYTH0373235/45R18 98W (26.3")0
RASYTH0371235/55R17 103W (27.2")0