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Dimax 4 Season RFT

  • 3PMS, All Weather, Run-Flat, Winter
  • Sidewalls: Black Sidewall
  • Warranty: 56k Mile
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Additional Information

Radar Dimax 4 Season RFT

The Dimax 4 Season is the new and innovative All-Weather tire range designed for drivers living in urban areas, who need a versatile mobility solution all year round. It offers exceptional grip in winter as well as in summer conditions. All sizes have the Three Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol (3PMS) and are officially approved for winter use.



Part NumberSizeStockPrice
RASYCN0029195/55R16 91W (24.4")0
DSC0688255/50R19 107W (29")0
DSC0566255/45R20 105W (29")0
RASYCN0041255/40R19 100W (27")0
DSC0346245/50R18 100W (27.6")0
DSC0344245/45R18 100W (26.7")0
RASYCN0039245/40R18 97W (25.7")0
RASYCN0038235/60R18 107W (29.1")0
RASYCN0040235/55R19 105W (29.2")0
DSC0563235/50R18 101W (27.3")0
DSC0577225/60R18 104W (28.6")0
DSC0559225/60R17 99V (27.6")0
RASYCN0035225/55R17 101W (26.7")0
RASYCN0034225/50R17 98W (25.9")0
RASYCN0037225/45R18 95Y (26")0
DSC0504225/45R17 94W (25")0
RASYCN0036225/40R18 92Y (25.1")0
RASYCN0031205/60R16 96W (25.7")0
RASYCN0033205/55R17 95W (25.9")0
RASYCN0030205/55R16 94W (24.9")0
RASYCN0032205/50R17 93W (25.1")0
DSC0557205/45R17 88W (24.3")0
DSC0564255/55R18 109V (29")0
DSC0565255/55R19 111W (30")0